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Welcome to Brookhaven
Located in Arcadia Lakes, South Carolina, Brookhaven Academy is a therapeutic school for young adults. We accept any type of student with any disorder or trouble. We strive to help each and every student find their way to the light through simple exercises and treatments.
All you need to do is BELIEVE so you can HEAL and ACHIEVE.

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As you can tell, we have been sporadically putting out bios. It seems, Cait and I get inspired when we are really tired. Unfortunately, the three bios we just posted ARE taken; however, if you would like a specific character made, please send in a request! 

We also have some lovely available characters that may interest you. If not, hopefully, one of our soon-to-be posted bios will or you can make an OC!

Come on and send in those asks and applications, Lurkers, we love seeing mail in the inbox!


Ariana Iris Davidson || Age: 16 || Condition: Wendigo Psychosis || FC: Shailene Woodley 

"In the darkness I will meet my creators, and they will all agree, that I’m a suffocator."

Ariana was born to happy parents with one older brother, all of whom doted over their newest addition and kept her environment warm and loving. She grew up the perfect child: a prim lady for her mother, a tough survivor for her father, and a best friend to her brother. She was the perfect student and the perfect athlete, and by age thirteen she was the most popular girl in attendance at her middle school. She had a best friend and a boy who had a crush on her, and she went out to the forest by her home every evening to watch the stars and paint the scenery. Ariana was, in all forms, the perfect child. So when she asked her father if she and her best friend, Jessica, could go on a camping trip over the weekend just before they turned fourteen, no one could ever imagine the tragedy that would occur.

Camping was nothing new to Ariana. She and her father had been building campfires and sleeping under the stars in their backyard since she was a little girl, and the daily walks that she took increased her skill with the outdoors. At the time of this particular camping trip, her hunting and gathering skills were impeccable; she wielded her crossbow with such confidence that she never bothered to bring food with her into the woods, and she knew where to find all of the best herbs and berries to add a little flavor to the meals she prepared. Jessica and Ariana set out on their trip figuring that nothing could go wrong; and they were right, just until Ariana realized that she hadn’t brought a map, and in the middle of a cold Michigan November, there wasn’t enough wildlife around to hunt down a decent amount of food. The herbs and berries had all been killed by the first frost of the year, and most of the animals had gone into hibernation. The girls wandered lost for three days.

Until, that is, Jessica fainted from exhaustion, hunger, and dehydration. Ariana pitched a tent and wrapped her friend up in a bedroll, struggling to build a fire to keep them both warm. She sat out that night under the stars, and in the silence began to talk to herself. She’d brought along a canvas and some paint, and with her supplies she painted the moon hanging in the fog over her head, the only thing she could see in the darkness of the night. Just as daylight began to approach, she retreated into the tent to sleep.

The following day Ariana set out to find some water. She happened upon a stream and cast her line, pulling in one small bass. Though completely delirious, Jessica welcomed the chance to finally eat and watched as Ariana roasted the fish slowly over the fire that she’d built. Jessica fell asleep in the process, and when Ariana woke her up to give her the first bite of the fish, Jessica groaned and swatted it into the dirt. Infuriated by her friend’s reaction Ariana struck her, slashing her fingernails straight across Jessica’s face. Jessica screamed and weakly retaliated, but Ariana’s rage was peaking; after scrounging this meager amount of food together, Jessica had just ruined it. She hit her friend again, shoving her chest and sending her to the ground. Ariana paused for a moment to lick the blood from her fingernails and, feeling the warmth of the liquid, lost control completely.

Ariana tackled her friend and strangled her until she was unconscious, retrieving her sharp hunting knife from her backpack and starting to saw off her friend’s hands. Roasting them over the fire and chowing down wasn’t enough for the girl, and she sank her knife into Jessica’s throat to cut out the soft flesh that her body seemed to crave.

Once she finished her meal, Ariana packed up her equipment and started hiking. She emerged from the forest half a day later, covered in her friend’s blood and completely dazed and confused. All she could say was “Jessica’s hurt,” and all she wanted was something good to eat; but nothing was satisfying. She couldn’t keep anything normal down, and when she begged for “something more,” no one knew exactly what to give her. The police still hadn’t found Jessica, and Ariana was out of her mind, leaving this case open and bizarre to anyone on the outside looking in. Ariana’s descent into madness became exponential, until the only words she could speak were “Jessica” and some deranged laughter.

By the time the police found Jessica’s body, Ariana was already institutionalized. When they realized what the girl had done to her friend they placed her in solitary confinement with a muzzle on her at all times, and forced her to see a therapist four times a week. She obliged, of course, seeing as she was constantly strapped to a wheelchair and had no choice as to what she did. She sat silently before the therapist as the man asked her questions, occasionally mumbling or saying simply, “Jessica.”

Almost three years later, Ariana is now vocally able, but she is occasionally forced into the specialized muzzle that was made for her after her institutionalization. When a local therapist visited the institution on day, she was told she was being transferred, that she would finally be getting the treatment that would make her fit for a normal life. Hyde brought the girl back to Brookhaven with her, wanting knowing more than the girl to get a little hungry.


The rooming assignments have been updated!

Ariana Davidson

Jaclyn Robins

Jaclyn Robins || Age: 17 || Condition: Dissociative Identity Disorder || FC: Nina Dobrev 

"Something’s started crazy; seet and unknown— and now our bodies are the guilty ones."

Jaclyn was born unwanted, and uncared for, her mother having only been 16 when she had the girl. Selfish described her mother to a tee, and even though Jaclyn knew it, she refused to let the fact hold her down. Even when her mother left her with her grandparents when she was only at the age of one, Jaclyn found it in herself to forgive her mother years later when they reunited. She believed that she had no right to judge her mother, when she herself couldn’t imagine having to go through such things at a young age. It also helped that, despite not having much money, her grandparents gave her the best life they could that was always full of all their love. To say she was slightly disappointed when her mother asked to take care of her again, now that she had a new husband, would have been a lie. But Jaclyn could see the strain of raising her had put on her grandparents and if allowing her mother to care for her again would help her grandparents live a longer, healthier life, then she would oblige without question.

Her new life with her family started off spectacularly, too spectacularly actually. In fact, it was hard for Jaclyn to wrap her head around the fact that a mere stranger would willingly bathe a woman’s child in any luxury a teenage girl may want. Jaclyn wasn’t used to having such grand materials and instantly fell in love with the new designer clothes and technology she was given by her new step dad, it also didn’t hurt when she was given positive praise at her school. Not many people can say they went through middle school without being bullied or ridiculed, but Jaclyn could. It wasn’t even the fact that her stepfather brought her things, no, it was the fact that he showed her what it was like to have a father, something she was never able to experience.

A year into her new life, Jaclyn was introduced to a boy named Remington, her stepfather’s first adopted son. Being the young, naive girl that she was at fifteen, Jaclyn never questioned the fact that her stepfather had another adopted child. Remington was a shy boy at the age of seventeen, who never really spoke much, always hiding behind the keys of a piano. Jaclyn fell in love with his sad, musician visage, just like any teenage girl would, and tried everything she could do coax him out of his shell. It took her a few months to get the boy to open up to her, put as she pursue harder and harder, he eventually gave in. Through their late night hangouts together, Jaclyn learned that Remington’s mother had died from a brain hemorrhage. How the woman could sustain such an injury was unsure, Remington refusing to give many details.

It didn’t take long for the two to grow closer, their time together almost never stopping unless they were attending school. They were engrossed within each other, young love blooming into a field of flowers as they learned what it was like to love someone who weren’t their parents. But something was always off with Remington, something Jaclyn could never put her finger on. Moments she would find him staring off into nothing, his eyes void of life. It was as if he completely disappeared from the world, even her voice unable to bring him back. Not wanting her perfect world to fall apart, she ignored the voice in her head that told her something was wrong. As long as she told herself everything was fine and that nothing was wrong with Remington, then it would be true. Unfortunately, the secrets that were her new family threatened to destroy it all.

One night after Jaclyn left cheer practice late, she walked into the house unknowing of what she was about to see, of what was about to destroy her life. All the furniture was pushed back against the walls, her mother laying bare in the middle of the floor, tied by her wrist and ankles in a spreadeagled figure. But what was forever burned into her memories was the sight of her stepfather punching her mother across the chest with brass knuckles, while Remington thrust into her. A scream tore from her throat as she watched her mother cry out in pain, her heart breaking for her mother and over seeing her true love in such a way. All heads had turned to her, shock evident on their face until her stepfather screamed for Remington to take care of her. He didn’t take care of it, though, instead he pleaded with Jaclyn to not say anything, that what they were doing was something he had to do and something her mother actually enjoyed.

Jaclyn stopped talking that night, she stopped eating, she stopped existing. In a way, Jaclyn wasn’t alive anymore, she was lost in her own body as someone else took over. After witnessing such atrocity, Jaclyn’s mentally broke. Her mind created a new personality to help her cope, a personality names Jaide. No one took notice in Jaclyn’s subtle changes, only happy that they could continue their “fun” and not worry about her opening her mouth, not with her not talking anyways. But as her new family continued to break her mother, Jaide became more controlling, creating a plan to end her and her mother’s suffering once in for all. It didn’t take her personality long to configure a plan, only needing the one simple tool from the garage.

It was a night just like the rest, the house was filled with the occasional cry of pain or the moan of pleasure and Jaide refused to sit and listen any longer. She grabbed the bat she had stolen from the garage and barged into the back bedroom. Too far gone in their game of passion, neither of the men saw the bat coming. She started with her stepfather, her arms swinging quickly has she busted open his head with the bat. Her ears didn’t even register the screaming from her mother until she took the final swing to Remington, his face crushing under the aluminum back. Her mother was screaming for her to stop and she did. When she looked at her mother, Jaclyn pushed through Jaide control and just stared at what she had done. She felt no remorse for what she did, in fact, she felt nothing but calmness at destroying the monsters. What Jaclyn didn’t know was that her mother wasn’t a victim to her stepfather’s and Remington’s game. It was in fact a game, the world of Bondage that she had no idea about. But that didn’t change how she felt, even when her mother called the cops, she still believed that she had done what was necessary. When Hyde showed up instead of the cops Jaclyn knew she couldn’t say anything about Jaide.

Braxton Adams || Age: 17 || Condition: Haemotolangia || FC: Dylan O’Brian

“I can’t control myself because I don’t know how and they love me for it honestly I’ll be here for a while so give them blood. Blood, gallons of the stuff.”

Blood.The red liquid that circulates in the arteries and veins of humans and other vertebrate animals, carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body.The force that moves through living beings. The elixir of life. This is the thing that gets Braxton Adams out of bed every morning. Not only does it require blood moving through his veins for him to throw his legs over the side of his bed when he wakes up, but blood is his very reason for living. He can’t get enough of it. The sight of the red, sticky substance alone is enough to make Brax’s heart accelerate and his eyes dilate. However, the blood thirsty individual we see today wasn’t always this way.

You see, Braxton’s uncle was a bad person. When most people had uncles who collected stamps or taught them how to play football, Braxton had an uncle that enjoyed stealing the last breaths from unsuspecting people… children to be more specific. His family became avid watchers of the local news, trying to keep up with the locations of his latest victims and they would always send anonymous care packages to the families, unable to fully express how sorry they were for their own flesh and blood.

One night as Braxton was falling asleep, he heard a voice coming from his closet. His father had always told him nothing could hide in there, so one can only imagine his terror when he opened the door to see his blood-covered uncle standing there. The only thing that the young Braxton could manage to say was something along the lines of that’s a lot of blood. The next words spoken were his uncles, an utterance that he will never forget. “Everyone’s full of it and there would be no life without it. Blood is everything. Blood is life.” And with that, the man shot himself right there in the closet. Police found him kneeling beside the man with blood on his own hands.

A few years of therapy was not enough to prevent his fate of developing Haemotolangia. This rather extreme fetish first emerged as nothing more than a fascination. Braxton would purposefully prick his finger on pins or other objects and watch as the blood trickled down his skin. He would enjoy the redness, the smell, the warmth, and even the taste of iron, but soon this wasn’t enough. He started to find himself fixated on his peers when they got hurt and eventually had his first victim. After school one day, Braxton spotted a girl getting picked on by another. Braxton interfered and the girl ended up slipping and hitting her head. As the blood began to show, he was gone, becoming someone else completely.

After the incident he began finding more and more reasons to hurt people, though he limited himself to those he believed deserved it. He would never harm anyone who he deemed defenseless or innocent. He usually found ways to get away with it, scaring the individual into keeping it a secret or even going so far as to drug them. However, he finally found himself behind bars after one particular victim couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Now, Braxton finds himself in Brookhaven. The question is, will he attempt to change his bloodthirsty ways? Or, will he be encouraged to share his little fetish with the rest of the students?

Braxton Adams

Ember Dragone

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As you may have noticed, we are slowly posting bios. We have a few Staff characters available and would love to see some applications for them! And of course we still have our lovely male and female students! 

More bios shall be posted tonight, so keep a look out! If anything grabs your attention, we hope you consider applying for them. Remember, OCs are being accepted at this time! So, if none of our characters are for you, send us your own creation.

Admin Vic will be on for a bit longer before going to work, don’t be shy to send in any questions or concerns you might have! 


Viola “Mama” Tyson || Age: 42 || Position: Residential Advisor || FC: Queen Latifah

"Got a little motto, always sees me through. When you’re good to mama, mama’s good to you!”

For so long students at Brookhaven have run amok, free to cause any trouble they see fit. Hyde doesn’t mind a little trouble, but within reason… and within her own plans for the students. Finally, the necessity for a residential advisor became too great. Viola Tyson is known amongst her peers for the many odd career paths down which she has traveled. From prison guard to social worker to God knows what else, she seems to be one of those people who do it all. Her adult life has practically revolved around troubled teens and the many situations in which they find themselves, so her discovery of Brookhaven seemed nothing short of inevitable. This discovery occurred by means of being the right place at the right time.

Working as a guard for a juvenile detention center gave Viola, or “Mama” as she was often called by inmates, the opportunity to see many young people on the verge of throwing their entire lives away. It pained her to see them locked up, but knew it was necessary for lessons to be learned. She often bonded with those under her care and Viola made a point to attend the court hearings of any young person that she’d been responsible for at one point or another. She was the type that always did her  best to support those who might not be getting it from anywhere else in their lives. At one particular hearing for a teenager who seemed to be struggling with a bit more than the average individual, she discovered Brookhaven.

Viola’s heartstrings had always been easily tugged upon by those with psychological disturbances and the like. She knew they didn’t mean to do what they did and wanted to help them. Now, she works for Brookhaven as the residential advisor, though she prefers to think of her position as that of “Den Mother”. She knows the importance of letting the students learn from their own mistakes and only steps in when a situation is on the verge of getting out of control. Viola is also a big believer in reciprocity. If a student is helpful and doesn’t cause too much trouble, she is much more likely to let them get away with things that would otherwise be frowned upon.

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